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TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY (TOPO SURVEY) A survey map that shows existing horizontal and vertical features on a parcel of land. These features include buildings, roadways, utility lines and facilities, vegetation and contour features of the land such as drainage ways, hills and bodies of water. Typically a Topo Survey includes a boundary survey of the parcel. This map is most often used by developers, architects, engineers or surveyors for development of the property in preparation of a site plan survey.

SITE PLAN SURVEY  A survey map that shows the location and elevation of proposed buildings, walkways, driveways, parking areas, drainage structures, easements and signage, all in accordance with local and state codes for submittal and approval. The site plan is based on a topographic survey of the property.

BUILDING PERMIT SURVEY  Similar to a site plan survey, a building permit survey is used specifically for obtaining a permit for new home construction. The survey will show the proposed home in relation to property lines and easements within required zoning setbacks.  It will also show proposed foundation height and final lot grades to ensure proper drainage of the property. A soil erosion control plan will also be provided to meet Wisconsin DNR construction management requirements.

CONSTRUCTION STAKING SERVICES  Providing clients with locations and elevations of proposed structures including, but not limited to, buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, sewer and water lines, etc. as based on paper and digital plans. 

AS-BUILT SURVEY   A survey used to show existing features on a parcel of land. Typically these features include buildings, roadways, utility lines and facilities.  Most As-Built Surveys will also include the boundary lines of the parcel. The map is most often used by property owners after a construction project has been completed to verify that all improvements have been made according to plan.

Construction & Design

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