Existing Parcel

PLAT OF SURVEY  A survey for existing parcels. This is the most basic type of survey, which is used to show the location of property lines per recorded documents, deficiencies in the title and any encroachments affecting the property. As required with all surveys, a map and new description will be prepared as our report to the client and placed on file with the county.

ALTA/ACSM LAND TITLE SURVEY (ALTA SURVEY)  A standardized type of survey that conforms to the standards and requirements of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). Since survey standards are not the same in every state, an ALTA survey meets specific needs unique to title insurance matters. An ALTA survey is typically required by title companies when insuring the title of property, in order to disclose potential problems that would affect the value of the property being mortgaged.

CONDOMINIUM PLAT (CONDO PLAT)  A special survey map used to define areas, called Units, within an existing parcel of land. This allows a property owner to sell title to multiple Units within a single parcel of land. A Condo Plat can be a simple one Unit condo or an apartment complex having numerous buildings and Units. This type of survey does not allow you to create a new parcel of land. A Condominium Declaration is a separate document prepared by an attorney, which defines the ownership within the Condo Plat.

AS-BUILT SURVEY   A survey used to show existing features on a parcel of land. Typically these features include buildings, roadways, utility lines and facilities.  Most As-Built Surveys will also include the boundary lines of the parcel. The map is most often used by property owners after a construction project has been completed to verify that all improvements have been made according to plan.

Existing Parcel

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